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Why do I need a custom music for my visual projects?

Well, we all know and love beautiful visual exhibits and motion pictures (a fancy word for videos and films).

The piece can be stunning, well built and attractive, but will it trigger the right emotion neccesary for the audience to connect?

That depends.

If we are talking about pictures in a museum, then the picture itself should trigger the emotion.

If we are talking about a motion picture, then this is a different story.

For years, sound and music are in seperable from the video.

Even, in a mute film.


At the beginning of the movie industry, when mute films were broadcasted, there was a pianist or a composition of players present in the auditorium.

They played a piece, some composed specifically for the film and some played popular music (at the time, 1920's, you know...)

The sound in the auditorium was mixed with the live music played and the noise that came from the projector, which could have been loud enough to be noticed.

This gave the audience a lead on the emotional intentions of the film makers.

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